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Fire Suppression
Gaseous agents:
These types of systems provide immediate fire suppression with relatively short system and business process recovery times.

This is a pro active approach that is non damaging to high cost electronics. Gaseous agents deny a data centre fire access to 2 of 3 elements necessary for combustion: heat and oxygen. 

Inert Gas

Inert Gas Fire Suppression Systems consist of up to naturally occurring gases namely Nitrogen, Argon and CO2 and can be used in a number of different mixture. Inert Gas is very flexible in that it can protect multiple rooms and also be stored at a relatively long distance from the Data Centre.

Ansul Inergen



FM200 was the main replacement for Halon when it was banned for use as a Fire suppression Agent. This agent is commonly called a Clean Chemical Agent and is a cost effective Fire Suppression Agent and because it is stored as a liquid (but discharged as a gas) it has small footprint in comparison to Inert Gas Fire Suppression Systems.


HFC 227 

Novec 1230

Novec 1230 is the newest of the normally used Fire Suppression Agents used in Data Centers and is similar to FM200 in that it is much more efficient storage than Inert Gas Agents as it is stored as a liquid and discharged as a gas.

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